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Face-to-Face Course Calendars (main courses)

WHTA provides two versions of its annual face-to-face course calendar


Provides Detailed information on Dates, Locations, Course Fees, Current Availability and Links to Enrolment 


Useful for physiotherapists who want an easy to read overview of all training available during the


Streamed Lecture Series to WHTA Partner Locations

Proposed Streamed Lecture Series Timetable

(still in draft form)

Note for Physiotherapists Travelling for Courses

WHTA aims to maintain course dates and locations as specified in the course calendar.

On rare occasions, courses need to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances such as presenter illness, issues with the venue etc.

In the event that a date change or venue change is required within 2months of a course, WHTA will aim to assist participants with alteration of travel and accommodation bookings.

However, cancellation and change fees are substantially less if bookings are made directly with the airline (Qantas, JetStar, Virgin etc) and directly with the hotel. Cancellation or change costs will only be subsidized by WHTA if a change occurs within 2months of the course date and

1. Flight bookings are made directly with the airline and not through a third party provider*.

2. Accommodation bookings are made directly with the hotel and not through a third party provider.

*Third party providers include business such as,, flightcentre,,,